Who are we?

Established since 2013 in the silicon valley of city of Taipei, LIPS was born with a promising vision that is "Create a Real 3D World" preordained by the founder's second sight. It may sound simple and straight however brainpower intensive. The good news to you and the world who have been waiting eagerly for its debut is: Yes, we did it!

What makes LIPS stand out so well in the competition is a team of MIT scholars that founded the company and years of dedicated research on convolutional neural network (CNN) deep learning spanning over institutions and industries in 3D machine vision and only this, period. This persistent investment and tenacious lab research along with final fruitful results effectively put the company and its products as a frontrunner in the 3D vision industry.

What makes LIPS special?

To further make life of our customers easier, we set out in the early stage to become a total 3D vision solution provider including lines of low-cost high-performance depth cameras and OpenNI 1.5/2.2 compatible middleware SDK which guarantees doing the work out of the box and free of compatibility concern. This strategy turns out to be a smart and first choice to and is appreciated by our customers. Depending upon applications, our customers may choose from 3D depth cameras based on different technologies behind the scene suiting your needs including ToF (Time of Flight), Stereo, Structured Light, and Array Camera. On top of these technologies, there's also an FPGA standalone solution offering customers the maximum flexibility in their product integration. These technologies in the cameras that we have to offer combined with our incomparable and patented algorithm performance in middleware SDK exploiting parallel processing to its extreme undoubtedly gives our throughput-hungry customers the needed edge in their own advanced product development. These strong and constant demands from our customers have been driving us to excel and transcend over the years manifested in our product generations.

What are LIPS committed to?

Rest assured that LIPS was created with decades of new inventions planned ahead. Once you stay with us, you will never be left alone. Our dream is to ultimately carve the "LIPS Inside" product slogan in this obsessively marvelous 3D machine vision industry. We believe we'll eventually be able to share this joy and glory with all of our customers that choose to join us today. To borrow the statements from one of our prominent technology partner, that is "Realistic is not enough, it's gotta be Real". At LIPS, we strive to deliver only the best-of-breed real 3D depth camera total solutions so the world can be truly captured photoreal through the eyes of our creations.

As most aptly described and inspired by the CEO:

"Be the first, or, be the best" – Luke Liu, 2016