User Tracking

Full-body user tracking can uniquely segment and track multiple users as well as the motion of the detected body skeletons.

With LIPS Software

To make sure your LIPS camera has the latest features, you will need to update it by downloading and installing the latest camera software.

Tech Specs


1. Full-body user tracking with 24 specific skeleton joints.

2. Reliably up to 10 user segmentations/2 user skeletons under Windows, 5 user segmentations/2 user skeletons under Linux or Android.







  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Operating ranges and accuracy can be scene dependent.

Other Products

3D Metrology

3D Metrology middleware currently offers automatic measurement over L-W-H sizes of cuboid-shape object typically cardboard boxes.

People Counting

People counting can differ dramatically in the way how people is to be counted as to from what angle the depth camera is mounted.

Driver Fatigue Detection

It analyzes facial features including closing both eye lids and/or head’s forward pitch angle greater than pre-defined degree for a pre-defined length of seconds, that signifies fatigue.