What’s cool about our depth cameras?

LIPS’ depth camera is a special kind of camera empowered with three-dimensional depth perception which is the major differentiator from pure traditional 2D RGB camera. Being the brainchild of the company, this camera hardware paired with sophisticated recognition and tracking software algorithms are key to 3D machine vision application. There're a few different technologies behind how depth camera senses the range each with its own strength and suited for different purposes as follows:

  • Time-of-Flight (ToF)
  • Stereo RGB
  • Structured Light
  • Array Camera

Regardless of their technology differences, the high entry barrier constantly exists in fine-tuning and optimizing the optical components to improve the precision from the input side as well as the software DSP algorithms that oftentimes calls for hardware acceleration in GPU through parallel processing. At LIPS, we have it all ready for you, so you can squarely focus on integration with your specific applications or industries.