Be empowered by our middleware suite, now!

LIPS depth camera middleware was conceived from its inception to be OpenNI 1.5/2.2 compatible under Windows、Linux、Android and Mac OS with lots of readily implemented extensions dealing with gestures, facial recognitions, context enhancement…etc that can be purchased or tailored for specific purpose. If your applications have been developed on top of OpenNI, with a swap of the OpenNI package with LIPS' one, you are good to explore a whole new 3D experience powered by LIPS!

Core built around acceleration technologies

Our middleware makes use of a slew of leading standards in parallel processing and graphic acceleration to meet the demanding computing power needed in countless deep-learning and image processing algorithms where traditional programming paradigm simply can not sustain without, including:

  • OpenCL
  • CUDA
  • SIMD
  • NEON
  • OpenMP