LIPScan 3D-600x600.png

LIPScan 3D

Advanced 3D scanning software for professionals or hobbyists in the designing, measuring, or digitizing processes with the 3D Depth Camera.


LIPSRuler 3D

3DRuler is a 3D Metrology middleware that currently offers automatic measurement over L-W-H sizes of cuboid-shape or arbitrary shape object, like cardboard boxes, pallet...etc.


People Counting

People counting can differ dramatically in the way how people is to be counted as to from what angle the depth camera is mounted.


Gesture Recognition

LIPS Gesture Recognition allows for true natural user interface (NUI) via hand gesture and motion recognition captured by LIPS 3D depth camera. So simply let your hands do the job like a breeze!



LIPS Skeleton software provides the real-time full-body or hand skeleton motion tracking functions and can be integrated with LIPS 3D camera module for a new range of applications including AR/VR, fall detection in elderly cares, interactive digital signage, and more.. 


Facial Recognition

LIPS Facial Recognition provides ultra-fast and contactless authentication experience for all environments that require top security level such as office buildings, governments, and industry/science parks, etc.


Volume Capacity Measurement.png

Elevator Volume Capacity Measurement

LIPS Elevator Volume Capacity Measurement will output current space occupancy density in percentage to elevator control module, so the routing of the cars can be optimized in the most energy saving fashion.