The True Body Motion Detection 

LIPS 3D Body Skeleton is the real-time full-body skeleton motion tracking software and integrated in 3D depth camera modules. It can uniquely segment and track multiple users.

LIPS 3D Body Skeleton is powered by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit and can benefit from the flexible features across different platforms such as CNN-based deep learning, cross-platform hardware acceleration via common APIs, and optimized code for OpenCV.

LIPS 3D Body Skeleton enables a whole new range of applications such as Augmented Reality (AR), Interactive Digital Signage, Electronic Virtual Fence, and more..

 Key Features 

  • Full body Skeletal tracking with 14 specific joints

  • Reliably up to 10 virtual user skeletons

  • Proprietary algorithm ensures optimal detection performance

  • Powered by Intel® OpenVINO™ to accelerate inference engine on Intel® HD Graphics (CPU integrated graphic unit)

  • Compatible with Intel® RealSense™2 D415