Innovative Energy-saving Solution 

In conventional elevator design, overcapacity is defined by the weight it carries. However, in many cases, the elevator is overcrowded with passengers or cargo but may not trigger the over-capacity which results in energy-wasting elevator stops. In addition, the overcrowds may result in potential safety hazard.

LIPS® Volume Capacity Measurement can be integrated with elevator car control
module to achieve high level of energy efficiency in operating multiple elevator cars in the same building. LIPS Volume Capacity Measurement will output current space occupancy density in percentage to elevator control module, so the routing of the cars can be optimized in the most energy saving fashion

 Key Features 

  • Able to detect the full load level in the elevator to optimize elevator operating efficiency

  • Integrate with elevator docking management

  • Compatible with LIPSedge® DL and LIPSedge® M3 camera

 Tech Specs 

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