The Future is in Your Hands 

LIPS 3D Motion Gesture is a gesture recognition system that recognizes hand gestures for various media applications that support keyboard shortcuts under Windows. With 8 pre-defined gestures based on AI, the software can cater to media systems in extensive environments, such as kiosk, digital signage, smart TV, VR or even in-car entertainment system.

Once mapping to the keyboard shortcuts of these media applications, the software allows users to instantly select, open, click, fast-forward and rewind media files with a motion of a gesture. The powerful feature, supported by LIPS proprietary algorithm, is the last piece of puzzle for your perfect NUI (Natural User Interface) compatible product. The hassle for handling touch-based accessories, be it a mouse, keyboard, or controller, can be eradicated to achieve intuitive operations of your product.

Better yet, LIPS 3D Motion Gesture is compatible with LIPSedge M3 Series Embedded 3D Cameras that can easily integrate in your device.

 Key Features 

  • Easy to integrate and embed in your device with LIPSedge M3 3D ToF camera 

  • Ready-to-go AI based gesture recognition system with 8 pre-defined gestures

  • Optimal human-machine interface and user experience 


  • Kiosk

  • Interactive Digital Signage

  • Smart Home Appliance

  • Automotive Entertainment System

  • Medical Appliance

  • AR/VR Gaming

 Tech Specs 


 Compatible Cameras