3D Scan for Professionals & Hobbyists 

LIPScan 3D® is the advanced 3D scanning software developed through the expertise of LIPS. The implemented algorithm is fine-tuned to complement Intel® RealSense™ D415 Technology, thus guarantees the seamless scanning experience for professionals or hobbyists in the designing, measuring, or digitizing processes.

With the meticulously designed software that users may construct, edit, and export digital 3D models of medium-sized objects and still retain the original surface detail of the scanned object, the scanned 3D model may be polished or smoothed within seconds through the intuitive graphical user interface. The 3D model then can be exported into different formats, including .PYL, .OBJ or .STL files.

 Key Features 

  • High-performance Algorithm

  • Low Scanning Latency

  • Intel® RealSense™ D415 Compatibility

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Accurate Surface Detail Reproduction

  • High Surface Detail Customizability

  • Comprehensive File Format Support




LIPScan 3D®

LIPScan 3D® is an advanced 3D scanning software designed specifically for Intel® RealSense™ D415 Depth Camera