11. APR 2019

Intel AI Solution Day

在人工智能橫跨各個產業的同時,3D 相機快速地成為一個終極提供感知的傳遞工具,而其中以視覺感知為導向的智能市場需求之熱烈更是前所未見。
就在今天,立普思將在Intel® Vision AI Solution Day的會場位於台北市維多利亞酒店一樓宴會廳展示我們超卓的3D視覺技術應用如手勢偵測與3D量測應用在Intel® Open Vino™的技術,以及精采的執行長演說,請您千萬別錯過了。


Across every industry, 3D cameras are quickly proving to be the ultimate sensor for artificial intelligence in IoT applications. The demand for vision-based intelligence is unprecedented. 
On April 11th, LIPS will demonstrate its latest AI applications for hand gesture & 3D ruler, both based on LIPS’ superb 3D computer vision technologies and also are good use cases for Intel® Open Vino™.