18. APR 2019

CHINA AIoT Conference

張忠謀: AI改變世界一如智慧手機改變生活。
馬雲: 我們認為IoT是未來。


“ Artificial intelligence has been changed the world as a smart phone had become such an indispensable item between you and me” said Morris Chang, the ex-president of TSMC.
“ We think IoT is the future” said Jack Ma, the ex-chairman of Alibaba.
As cloud computing is affected by many unpredictable restriction of devices and network connection, edge computing could be known as an concept extension of omnipresent cloud computing and IoT.
It’s our pleasure to be a special guest and speaker invited by Innodisk Corporation, the world’s famous industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies provider for 2019 AIoT Forum of China in Shanghai. Follow every LIPS’ posts to see how 3D camera changes our lives!