05. JUN 2019

LIPS at IFSEC International, June 18th-20th

英國國際安全科技專業大展 IFSEC International

於6/18-6/20 舉辦的IFSEC International為英國指標性安防大展,立普思的3D人臉辨識系統LIPSFace® AC770在安防領域扮演重要的角色,同時立普思也會展展示3D人臉辨識、3D手勢辨識及骨架偵測等3D應用技術,利用3D視覺提升安全防護的等級。歡迎到攤位IF2637來了解更多立普思的技術與產品。

IFSEC International held from 6/18 to 6/20, is a leading show about security in UK. LIPS 3D facial recognition system plays an important role in security field. Therefore, we will show not only LIPSFace® AC770, 3D facial recognition system but also 3D body skeleton and 3D hand gesture on booth IF2637. LIPS 3D sensing technology will upgrade security system by our 3D vision.