29. JAN 2018

LIPS Announces 3D Scanning and 3D Face ID Total Solution for Android

LIPS is proud to announce today our latest and exciting achievement in 3D scanning and true 3D facial recognition solutions for Android mobile platforms. The solution aims squarely on providing iPhoneX face ID like unlock feature for Android platform as well as mobile 3D scanning.

The current solution including the recognition software requires a tiny piece of the active stereo-based depth camera, about the width and thickness of the phone, to be attached to Android phone’s micro USB port.



It not only performs general 3D scanning but also 3D facial recognition through active IR laser projection over the scanned object and the two IR sensors that compute depth data for 3D reconstruction.


LIPS’ 3D face-unlock software that can work seamlessly with its own miniature depth camera to be integrated inside Android mobile phone.

LIPS’ 3D scan software running on Android phone scans and re-constructs the scanned object’s 3D model and has it sent off for 3D printing immediately.


More aggressively, LIPS is targeting Q2 for an even smaller and thinner module that can potentially be integrated into phone’s internal modules. LIPS’ thrust of momentum this time in creating this consumer 3D sensing application will surely bring a new wave of excitement for Android mobile devices never seen before soon.


LIPS’ miniature active-stereo based depth camera module ready for integration as a built-in component inside mobile devices.