22. OCT 2018

LIPS Presents Use Case of Intel’s IoT platform and OpenVINO


[October 22nd, 2018 Taipei, Taiwan]

LIPS Corporation announced today that it will be showcasing a number of use cases of Intel’s Technologies, including the IoT platform and OpenVINO toolkit, at the Intel Executive Summit 2018, taking place in Taipei on Monday 22 October 2018.

At the forum, LIPS will demonstrate its 3D computer vision and factory automation solutions, both based on LIPS’ advanced 3D depth camera and Intel’s Technologies. “We are very proud to introduce our latest 3D applications to the Intel community”, said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS. “Thanks to the pervasive computing and interconnectivity platform offered by Intel, we are very glad to work together with Intel and develop our latest 3D applications using the Intel technologies”

“We have been collaborating with Intel already for many years”, continued by Luke Liu, “for instance several of our 3D applications were developed based on Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit so we can benefit from the flexible features across different platforms such as CNN-based deep learning, cross-platform hardware acceleration via a common API, and optimized code for OpenCV”.

“Our latest development work has been concentrating on our turn-key solution and the factory automation application for industrial use”, said by Luke Liu, “And Intel’s IoT platform and toolkit represent an essential part in our overall solution architecture”.

LIPS has been working together with several partners, including robot arm vendors, system integrators, and others such as AP Plasma Corporation. LIPS’ latest factory automation solution was used by AP Plasma in path finding and control of the robot arm for accurate spray of plasma on shoe sole, which replaces the manual work and reduces the emission of excess VOC during conventional shoe making process.


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