03. JAN 2019

LIPS Factory Automation Total Solution on DIGITIMES


執行長劉凌偉表示,立普思推出3D視覺輔助自動化加工系統,結合機器手臂與電漿設備,提供製鞋業標準化及客製化設備;#機械手臂 #3D感測模組 #專屬軟體,幾秒內即能自動完成產線清潔和改質,不須費時調校。立普思3D感測模組也被國外衛浴大廠用在產品外觀檢測,為另一個工業自動化成功案例;此外也用於售價達百萬美金的高階電子顯微鏡3D感測系統,與國外大廠合作應用於PCB檢測。

LIPS has launched a Vision-Guided Robotic System (VGR) to accelerate the automatic processing system in manufactures. It combines robotic arms and plasma equipment and provides standardized or customized equipment for the footwear manufacturers. The robotic arm, 3D sensor module, and proprietary software can automatically complete the cleaning and quality improvement of the production line in a few seconds, without any time-consuming adjustment. LIPS' 3D sensing module has also been used in product appearance testing by foreign sanitary ware manufacturers, which is another successful case of industrial automation. In addition, it is also used in the multi-million-dollar advanced electron microscope 3D sensing system, which is used in PCB detection in cooperation with foreign manufacturers.