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LIPSedge™ DL All-purpose 3D ToF Camera
  • LIPSedge™ DL All-purpose 3D ToF Camera

    LIPSedge™ DL is a versatile and ready-to-use 3D ToF camera that ouptput both 2D and 3D data with high depth resolution in real-time


    LIPSedge® DL is the sturdy flagship that is built to be a ready-to-use versatile ToF camera. It works straight out of the box by plugging this little magic to a host running Windows, Linux or Android through USB 3.0 Micro-B interface. LIPSedge® DL fits wild application market from enterprise industrial usages, such as facial recognitions, medical detections or machine vision solutions, to AR/VR and consumer electronic market, such as gaming or automotive applications.

    • Product Highlights

      • Works straight out of the box by plugging to a host running Windows, Linux or Android through USB 3.0 Micro-B interface
      • Versatile 3D ToF camera that can apply in variety of industrial and enterprise applications inclduing machine vision, medical detections, facial recognition, AR/VR, automotive, and gaming
      • Support of LIPS strong middleware portfolio
      • Winner of 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award
    • Developer Support

    • Tech Specs

      * Please refer to the LIPSedge DL product page


    • Shipment

      Require 7 working days for shipping delivery after payment has been received

    • Return Policy

      • LIPS will only accept a returned hardware product purchased with a manufacturing defect. LIPS is only responsible for damages that were caused during the manufacturing process.
      • LIPS will process an RMA (Return Material Authorization) to return the defective items, and provide you with a replacement if it is within the 12-month warranty period.
      • LIPS warranties the hardware for 12 months from date of shipment. If the hardware product becomes defective outside of the warranty period, an RMA will not be issued. This warranty and return policy only applies to hardware products sold on LIPS eStore.
      • To determine warranty status, we will send you a form and require the following information be provided: failure description, serial/part number, and date code (if applicable). 
      • Please return all damaged hardware product items within 14 days with a recommended tracking #. Unfortunately we cannot refund shipping and handling fees and customer is responsible for re-shipping fees.
      • Please note, customer orders and all sale items (including hardware products and software license merchandise) are final and non-refundable. 
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