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LIPSFace  On-Device  3D Facial Recogntion Camera Kit


•  On-device 3D facial recognition & liveness detection that delivers fast and accurate facial authentication

•  Anti-spoofing agaist high-res photos, videos, and masks
•  Featuring small footprint 3D camera module that easily fits with your design

 Easy-to-Deploy 3D Facial Recognition Solution

• On-device 3D facial recognition & anti-spoofing authentication that takes minimal system resource

• Stores more than 1,000 IDs on-device

• Authenticates in less than a second

• 99.76% accuracy & <0.1 % spoof acceptance

• APIs similar to RealSense ID solution for easy switch


Product & Application Videos

LIPSFace™ HW Series Deliver Fast & Accurate On-Device 3D Facial Recognition

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Key Features

​​1. Industry-leading measuring speed < 0.1 sec & 0.5 cm accuracy
2. Ability to measure both cubic or non-cubic objects
3. Automatically outline object dimensions with AI algorithm
4. Ability to measure very flat (1 cm ~ 5 cm), very round & very long (< 120 cm) objects
5. Ability to measure in low-light or no-light environment
6. Ability to measure metal or shinny surface such as plastic wrap
7. Support integration with optional scale & printer interface

8. Integrated dispaly, computing unit, weight scale (optional) & label printer (optional)

9. Support package standards in various industries (Post office, logistic service, retail & airline)

10. Easy-to-Implement with a fully automated one-touch operation

11. Ability to integrate with logistics shipping system with data exchange to the backend


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You can now buy a unit of LIPSFace 3D Facial Recognition Camera Kit and develop security applications today!