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Effortless Mobile Measurement with LIPSEdge™ L210u 3D Camera


Are you tired of spending countless hours manually measuring objects with a ruler or tape measure? Look no further than LIPSMetric™ Handheld Dimensioner Camera Kit, the industry-leading solution for effortless mobile measurement. Designed to be embedded in handheld devices such as PDAs, scanners, or tablets, this powerful kit allows for instant dimensioning of any underlying object, whether it's a box, a bag, or an irregularly shaped item.

How LIPSMetric™ Handheld Dimensioner Camera Kit Works

The LIPSMetric Handheld Dimensioner Camera Kit utilizes the LIPSedge L210u 3D Structured-light Camera module and the LIPSMetric Handheld Dimensioner application to make mobile measurement quick and easy. Simply place the object to be measured in front of the camera and activate the app. The camera captures detailed images of the object, which are then processed to create a 3D model. The LIPSMetric application then calculates the object's dimensions and provides an accurate measurement reading in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of LIPSEdge L210u Structured-light Camera

The LIPSedge L210u 3D Structured-light Camera module is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to users. Its compact size allows for easy integration into any handheld device, making it a perfect solution for mobile measurement. Additionally, the camera's advanced technology provides precise and accurate measurements, making it an ideal choice for industries such as warehousing, logistics, and transportation.

For more information on the LIPSedge L210u product page or to inquire about purchasing the LIPSMetric Handheld Dimensioner Camera Kit, contact us at With LIPSMetric™ Handheld Dimensioner, mobile measurement has never been easier.

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