LIPSedge AE450でさらに見る

If you’re looking for a next-generation 3D camera that delivers outstanding precision, depth range, field of view (FOV), and optical performance, then LIPSedge AE450 will be a great choice for you. This ruggedized camera is designed to meet the needs of heavy-duty users who require the best in imaging technology.


At the heart of the LIPSedge AE450 is the upgraded ActiveStereo sensor, which expands the depth sensor’s baseline to 95mm. This advancement minimizes the Z-axis measurement error to as low as ≤ 2% at 4 meters, providing unparalleled depth range and precision. This feature makes the LIPSedge AE450 ideal for applications that require accurate and reliable depth perception, such as robotics, automation, and autonomous vehicles.



The LIPSedge AE450 is equipped with GigE and PoE interfaces, allowing for high-speed transmission of images and control data. This feature reduces the need for extra power supply and cable planning, making it easier to integrate the camera into existing systems. Additionally, the camera is designed to meet the IP67 standard for dust and water protection, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.


産業用 3D フレームワークのサポート

The LIPSedge AE450 supports several industrial 3D frameworks, including ROS, NVIDIA Isaac, OpenNI, and OpenCV. These frameworks enable developers and engineers to easily integrate the camera into their existing systems, reducing development time and increasing overall efficiency.


LIPSedge AE450をぜひ体感してください

If you’re looking to take your imaging capabilities to the next level, then the LIPSedge AE450 3D Stereo Camera is the solution you’ve been searching for. Head over to our product page to learn more about the camera’s features and specifications. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Unlock the full potential of your imaging systems with LIPSedge AE450 – the ultimate 3D stereo camera for heavy-duty users.

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