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LIPSedge™ M3 LED

Mini Size, Precise Position and Location

Embedded ToF camera with built-in IMU

LIPSedge M3 LED 3D ToF Camera for Embedded Application

LIPSedge™ M3 LED is an innovative 3D Modular Camera targeting embedded systems and has built-in IMU that allows for interactive applications. Benefit from implementing for use-cases such as Gesture Control, People Counting, Behavior Analysis, Digital Signage, or Elevator Capacity Measurement.

A Tiny Module

The LIPSedge ™ M3 LED is a tiny module with TOF technology ready-to-integrate to applications that demand space fitting

3D ToF Camera Module LED

Mid Range Detection

20cm to 4 meters detection

The LIPSedge™  M3 LED implements Time-of-Flight for devices that are located from a certain distance. Time of flight sensors use modulated light source to illuminate the scene. Observing the reflected light from scene, while it measures the difference in phase shift between illuminated signal and reflected signal and translates it to distance.

Inertial Measurement Unit inside 3D camera

Ambient Light Ease

Use ToF for 3D depth both low light and bright scenes as its technology gets unaffected by the ambient  light conditions

Hand gesture detection, tracking

Build Once, Deploy Unlimitedly

Cross-platform OS support on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Cross-platform Hardware support on Intel and Nvidia

Nvidia ISSAC

An IMU inside

The LIPSedge ™ M3 Laser comes with a built-in 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit, which allows precision and accuracy for its position and movement location details.

different lighting scenes from no light to bright light

For Gesture and Motion

•Precision and Fast Response for Motion Gesture based on 3D Depth

Raspberry Pi

Developer Friendly

  • LIPSedge™ supports widely used industrial 3D framework including ROS, OpenCV, OpenNI, Nvidia Isaac, Halcon as well as LIPS strong middleware portfolio.

  • Develop applications with LIPSedge ™ using friendly and universal languages with LIPS ® samples code including C++, C# and Python

Application use-cases

Elevator Density Meter Solution

LIPSedge ™ M3 Point Cloud and Motion Gesture

Point Cloud

LIPSense 3D Motion Gesture