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LIPSMetric™ HA110 Handheld Dimensioner

Measurement Made Easy

Dimension Measurement Anytime and Anywhere

Package, Parcel Dimensioner
LIPSMetric HA110 Handheld Dimensioner

LIPSMetric™ HA110/115 Handheld Dimensioner is a 3D camera kit designed for handheld devices such as tablet, scanner, or PDA to integrate dimension measurement capability. The solution comes with LIPSedge™ L210/215 Structured-Light Camera and LIPSMetric Handheld Dimensioner application which allow the instant dimensioning of the underlying object. LIPSMetric™ HA110/115 Handheld Dimensioner can increase productivity for logistic, warehouse, retail, ecommerce, and manufacture operations.

The challenges

Measuring 1 package is easy. How about measuring 10, 100 or 1000 packages?

High Rate of
Human Errors

Low efficiency
of process

Labor costs increase
year by year

Equipment cost
too expensive

Dimension Measurement Solution

The solution based on Structured Light

The solution comes with LIPSedge™ L210u Structured Light Camera Module and LIPSMetric™ Handheld Dimensioner application which allow the instant dimensioning of the underlying object. Structured Light Technology is the best alternative for 3D depth measurement when it comes to precision and details

Cubic and Non-Cubic capable

資產 124_4x.png
Cubic Object Dimension Measurement
Non-Cubic Object Dimension Measurement
資產 126_4x.png

A Tiny Module

A module of 54mm * 26.6mm * 14.3mm fits anywhere in existing tooling and housings

Scanner Type

Freight Dimensional Scanner

PDA Type

PDA Dimension measurement

Tablet Type

Tablet Dimension Measurement
3D Structured Light Camera Module

Intelligent and Quick

Instant capture of underlying object with an instant shot

Flat, Round & Long

Box Dimension Measurement
Round Object Dimension Measurement
Long Object Dimension Measurement

Metal, Shiny and Wrapped

Metal, Shiny Surface Dimension Measurement
Dimension Measurement with Plastic Wrapping

Low Light
No Light Conditions

Low Light Dimension Measurement
No Light Dimension Measurement