LIPSMetric パーセル キオスクを使用した自動パーセル寸法測定

Are you tired of manually measuring the dimensions and weight of parcels and packages for shipping or storage? Say hello to LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk – the ultimate self-service solution for automated 3D object dimension measurement.



LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk is a cutting-edge fixed dimensioning solution that uses advanced AI algorithms to outline both cubic and non-cubic 3D objects. This technology makes it possible to accurately and efficiently measure the dimensions and weight of packages, shopping bags, tubes, luggage, and more in just a matter of seconds.

LIPSMetric 3D-visioin Smart Parcel Kiosk



Not only does LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk provide accurate measurements, but it also helps optimize your logistical operations, storage space, workflow, and load planning. By eliminating human error, this innovative solution ensures that your packages and parcels are shipped or stored in the most efficient way possible.



LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk is perfect for a range of industries, including logistics services (delivery, warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping stations), retail (shopping malls/centers, convenience stores), post offices, and airlines (airports). The self-service kiosk is user-friendly and can be easily installed at any location.



If you’re interested in learning more about LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk and how it can help your business streamline its operations, visit our product page or email us at [email protected] . Experience the convenience and efficiency of automated 3D object dimension measurement today with LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk.

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