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3D Footwear Automation Solution

As the leading 3D Sensing Solution Provider, LIPS® Footwear Automation Solution which enables robotics arms (robots) with brain and vision to open entirely new possibilities in manufacturing automation. Taking advantage of LIPS® computer vision AI technology and industrial 3D camera, LIPS® Footwear Automation Solutions collect and generate the pure 3D images with 360° point cloud data that offers flexibility and consistency to ensure the diversity and quality of production. Undoubtedly LIPS® Footwear Automation Solutions dramatically increase the speed and accuracy, and hence deliver high performance while reducing overall costs.


 Key Features 

  • Pure 3D solution that delivers high performance while reducing overall costs

  • High-performance Industrial 3D Camera generates point cloud in real-time

  • In-house developed middleware that delivers underlying control to robotic arm with less than one second latency; it can be further customized and extended

  • Collaboration with high-performance SCARA robots for pick and place without slowing down or stopping the conveyor belt

  • Intel RealSense™ powered and OpenVINO™ accelerated solutions designed for fast deployment


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