LIPSedge™ Ex Series

Are you Running into Compatibility Issue
with your 3D Camera & IPC?

Compatibility Issue with 3D Camera & IPC

Do you currently procure your 3D Camera and IPC separately and only find out that they are not compatible with each other? 

Do you want to reduce the time-to-market by focusing on your 3D application development rather than wasting time in hardware & software compatibility verification?

If you are, LIPSedge™ Ex Series is just for you

LIPSedge™ EX Series 3D Camera Bundle

LIPSedge™ EX Series 3D Camera Bundle is designed to address the hardware and software compatibility issues that long existed in 3D Vision application development and expedite the time-to-market for 3D Vision application deployment. 

In this bundle, LIPS will start by offering a total of 6 different models of 3D Depth Cameras and 16 + NVIDIA Jetson IPC models that cover various 3D Vision technologies, camera form factors, and targeted applications. For example, LIPSedge AE400 Ruggedized Active-Stereo 3D Camera features GigaE/PoE, built-in IMU, NVIDIA Issac certification, and is best suited for industrial applications such as Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), robot depalletizing, and 3D dimensioning. LIPSedge M3 Compact 3D ToF Camera features compact form factor with high Frames-per-Second (FPS) and is best suited for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications embedded in Smart Retail Kiosks or Smart Digital Signages.

In addition, LIPS has teamed up with the industry-leading NVIDIA Jetson manufacturers including AAEONADLINKAdvantechAetinaAI Mobile, and Axiomtek to ensure compatibility and performance with the latest 3D Vision application requirements. The most recent success story is IdealWorks, a BMW Group company, which builds Smart Transportation Robot (STR) solution that utilizes NVIDIA Issac architecture with LIPSedge AE400 camera and ADLINK AGX Xavier board.

Success Case


Case Study 

BMW​ IdealWorks has selected the NVIDIA​ Isaac​™ robotics platform along with LIPSedge​ AE400​ Ruggedized 3D​ Camera and ADLINK AGX Xavier to enhance its automotive​ factories — utilizing logistics robots built on advanced AI​ computing and visualization​ technologies from NVIDIA

Country: Germany & USA

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