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LIPSedge™ DL

Best-in-One  3D Time-of-Flight Camera

All-purpose ToF camera with USB Plug & Play

LIPSedge DL Time of flight ToF Camera

LIPSedge™ DL is a versatile and ready-to-use 3D ToF camera that outputs both 2D and 3D data with high depth resolution in real-time. The Best-in-One for applications including gaming, entertainment applications, medical and machine vision use-cases. Works straight out of the box, by plugging it to a host running Windows or Linux through USB 3.0 Micro-B interface.


Short-to-Mid Range Detection with Time-of-Flight

20 cm to 4 meters detection

The LIPSedge™  DL implements Time-of-Flight for devices that are located from a close range to a certain distance.

Time of flight sensors use modulated light source to illuminate the scene. Observing the reflected light from scene, while it measures the difference in phase shift between illuminated signal and reflected signal and translates it to distance.

Time of flight, ToF technology
ToF technology
ToF sensors for human body pose

For Gesture and Motion

Precision and Fast Response for Motion Gesture based on 3D Depth

Edge emitting laser technology

Super Speed with USB 3.0

Transfer image and depth data 10 times faster

Introducing two unidirectional data paths, SSRx+/SSRx- and SSTx+/SSTx-, which run in parallel with the existing D-/D+ data bus, USB 3.0 can transfer data  simultaneously 10 times faster than its predecessor.

ambient lighting, no light/low light/bright conditions

Plug & Play with UVC

Work straight out of the box by plugging the LIPSedge ™ DL to a host running Windows or  Linux through USB 3.0 Micro-B interface

Use standard UVC for instantly without integration bottlenecks

For Gaming & Entertainment

  • Precision and Fast Response for Gaming & Entertainment applications

  • ToF sensors provide a non-intrusive capture and detection

3d depth capture motion gesture

Reach Wide and Broad with Edge Emitting Laser

The LIPSedge™  DL adopts Edge Emitting Laser as its technology is enabled for use cases that require wider and broader reach coverage.

Ambient Light Ease

Use ToF for 3D depth both low light and bright scenes as its technology gets unaffected by the ambient light conditions

UVC, USB Video Class