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LIPSFace™ On-Device 3D Facial Recognition

Live, Fast and Accurate

facial recognition 3d camera solution

With a quick look, LIPSFace™ can securely unlock homes, offices, labs, ATMs, and even vehicles. Authenticating you in less than a second, LIPSFace™ combines industry leading hardware and software design to ensure reliability in varied conditions. LIPSFace™ HW120/125 for Access Control and Locks Camera Kit provides on-device 3D facial recognition & liveness detection and delivers fast & accurate facial authentication.

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​Easy to Deploy

  • On-device 3D facial recognition & liveness detection that delivers fast and accurate facial authentication

  • Anti-spoofing against high-res photos, videos, and masks

  • Featuring small footprint 3D camera module that easily fits with your design

  • 99.76% accuracy & <0.1 % spoof acceptance

  • Live faces authentication in less than 1 second

Compact & Small

A selection kit of Module or 3D Camera that easily fits with your design

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anti-spoofing technology
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LIPSFace™ enables you to build a facial authentication solution with built in anti‑spoofing technology which protects against attacks using photographs, videos or high‑quality 3D masks.




​Flexible & Diverse

Smart Locks

smart lock solution

Access Controls

access control solution

The Solution

Customers use LIPSFace HW120 On-Device 3D Facial Recognition Camear Kit to build smart-lock device, access control terminals or embed in POS to ensure the protection and security of valuable assets and data

check in
restricted areas


Applicable scenarios:

  • Access Control

  • Authentication/Login

  • Customer / VIP notification

  • Check-in

  • Blacklist alarm

Viable applications:

  • Automobile

  • ATM

  • Restricted areas

  • Vending machines

  • Elevators

  • Hotel

  • Smart Lock

Start developing with LIPS 

Our open‑source SDK 2.0 offers a variety of wrappers supporting popular programming languages and platforms.





Field of View(H xV)


Number of IDs

Facial Authentication Metrics

LIPSFace HW110/115
Smart Lock Camera Kit

access control 3d camera module

On-Device 3D Facial Recognition

0.3m - 1m

VCSEL @940nm for Indoor/Outdoor

50° x 74°

USB 2.0

False Accepance Rate(FAR)
True Accepance Rate(TAR)
Spoof Accepance Rate(SAR)

LIPSFace HW120/125
Access Control Camera Kit

access control 3d camera kit


1 : 1M
< 0.1%

on-device 3d facial recognition camera




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