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SDK 1.x

Build Once, Deploy Unlimitedly

The use of LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x simplifies the development process, and speeds-up the deployment

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LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x based on OpenNI2 is the new SDK developed and covered by LIPS® in its 3D Depth Cameras Portfolio

A common development framework, structure and tool repository

Reducing development time with interfaces and example codes for major Industrial Frameworks and Applications

Code Samples




The LIPSedge™ SDK based on the OpenNI2 approach enables unlimited expansion to various application use-cases, starting from Industrial, Consumer, IOT to AR/VR


Note: Android development viable by request, please contact directly

Build Once, Deploy Unlimitedly

The use of LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x simplifies the development process, and speeds-up the deployment


  • GenICam

  • Halcon MVTec

  • Aurora Vision™ Zebra

  • NVIDIA Isaac

  • OpenNI2

  • ROS/ROS2

Documentation & Code Sample

  • OpenNI2 API programming

  • Sourcecode for LIPSedge Tools

  • Sourcecode compiled Build for LIPSedge™ Tools


  • OpenCV

  • OpenNI2

Programming Languages

  • C / C++

  • Python

  • Java

  • C# .NET

Github Build Support

  • C++ Sample Codes

  • Repositories updates

Operating Systems

  • Windows x64

  • Linux x64

  • NVIDIA Jetson Jetpack

  • Andriod *by request


  • x64

  • arm64 

LIPSedge Tools

Adjustment Tools

  • Quey Tools

  • IMU sensor data readout

  • Detection Distance adjustments

  • Optimizing Components Power Modes

Viewer Tools

  • Console to show depth

  • Event Management

  • Point cloud frames visualizer

  • Raw Viewer for acptures

  • OpenGL / OpenCV for Depth / IR / Color Frames

Code Samples

A walkthrough for the installation process of the LIPSedge™ SDK both on Linux and Windows

Tools with Source Code

Wide variety of LIPSedge™ Tools providing both compiled executables and source code

LIPSedge™ SDK Tools include:

  • IMU Reader

  • Controlling the power modes of components

  • Manage Events

  • Viewing point-clouds in 3D

  • Capturing RAW data formats

  • Depth / IR / Color Frames Viewers

and more...

Build your own tools based on the LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x

Documentation and Tutorials

A comprehensive documentation and resource for the LIPSedge™ portfolio

Enjoy the most comprehensive coverage of LIPSedge™ SDK

  • User-Guides

  • Tutorials

from our website at the Developer’s Documentation section


OpenNI2 Advantages

OpenNI2 was developed for long-term use, speeding up the learning curve for programmers


Primary advantages of OpenNI2 SDK:

  • Easier development: Clean and Improved design and API

  • Simpler distribution: private copy of OpenNI2

  • More flexible: depth units control, and others.

  • More open: Middleware API are separate for each library

  • Better and simplified usage

  • Allows event-driven programming

  • Large offer of third-party Middleware Libraries: Body Tracking, 3D Reconstruction, Object Recognition, Analytics and many more.

LIPS® continues to develop and grow an extended support based on OpenNI2. For feedbacks, please email to

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