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What is NVIDIA Isaac

  • NVIDIA’s open platform SDK for intelligent robots

  • Large collection of powerful GPU-accelerated algorithm for robotic navigation and manipulation

  • Write easily modular applications and deploy them on a real robots

  • Basic to complex samples to facilitate complicated robotics use cases

  • Simulation for development, testing, and training of robots in a virtual environment

Why NVIDIA Isaac


Runs on Powerful NVIDIA platform

Orin & Xavier


NVIDIA SIM Model Training for

Robotics in Virtual Simulation


Image Acceleration

For Machine Learning

NVIDIA Isaac Architecture with LIPSedge™

資產 47_4x.webp

Viewing and Sensing for Robotics

The Eyes for Robotics

Fulfilling the ability for robots to sense their environment to conduct their tasks


NVIDIA® Certified Partner for Robotics Applications

Supported 3D Depth Cameras

NVIDIA Partner

LIPSedge™ AE400
(Active Stereo)

LIPSedge AE400 3D Camera

Robustness for Industrial

and Factory Automation

Ruggedized Industrial 3D Depth Camera

LIPSedge™ AE450
(Active Stereo)

LIPSedge AE450 3D Camera

Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

Ruggedized Industrial 3D

Enhanced Camera

LIPSedge™ AE430
(Active Stereo)

LIPSedge AE430 3D Camera

Half the Size & Weight. 
Big Performance!

Compact & Light-weight Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera for Robotics & Edge-AI

LIPSedge™ AE470
(Active Stereo)

LIPSedge AE470 3D Camera

Half the Size & Weight. Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

Compact & Light-weight Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera for Robotics & Edge-AI

Documentation and Downloads

LIPSedge™ SDK Active Stereo Series Wrapper for NVIDIA Isaac

LIPSedge™ SDK Active Stereo Series Wrapper for NVIDIA Isaac

NVIDIA Preferred partner
LIPS Corporation logo

Use Cases

BMW Transforms Its Logistic with Smart Transport Robot

BMW Smart Transport Robot with LIPSedge AE400 3D Camera and NVIDIA Isaac

Case Study

BMW Group selected NVIDIA Isaac™ robotics platform and LIPSedge™  AE400 Industrial 3D Camera to enhance its automotive factories — utilizing Smart Transport Robot (STR) built on advanced AI computing and visualization technologies.

LIPSedge™  AE400

Ruggedized 3D Camera for Industrial Use

Country: Germany & USA

NVIDIA Isaac Applications

Autonomous Vehicles for factory, warehouses

Autonomous Vehicles

Industrial Robot Arms

Industrial Robotics

Transport Robot for factory automation

Factory Automation

Smart Robot for retail and food industry

Intelligent Retail & Food Industry

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