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LIPSedge™ AE430

Half the Size & Weight. Big Performance!

Compact & Light-weight Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera
for Robotics & Edge-AI


Let us present the smallest member to the LIPSedge AE Series, the LIPSedge AE430. With only 280 grams of weight, compact form factor, GigE/PoE support, edge-AI SOC, and IP67 dust & water-proof, LIPSedge™ AE430 is an excellent 3D camera choice for the robotic hand-eye and factory automation applications.

LIPS Depth Enhancement

LIPSedge™ AE430 provides enhanced depth image to remove undesired noise while improving precision and accuracy per depth pixel capturing.


Glass surface

Glass Surface Test for 3D Camera

Background up to 8m in distance

Long Distance Test for 3D Camera

High Contrast Noise scenes

Noise Test for 3D Camera

Ceiling with LED reflection

LED Reflection Test for 3D Camera

Outdoor Light Conditions

Outdoor Test for 3D Camera
An IMU inside
Robotic Arm Collision Avoidance
Scratch Resistance
Increase Hardness
M12 Lock

Compact and Light Weight

LIPSedge™ AE430 weights only 280g and is compact in size. It is great for robotic hand-eye applications.


Built-in Heatsink