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   New Era of Biometric Authentication 

LIPS® AI Facial Recognition technology is based on biometric authentication with advance 3D vision liveness check, powered by Intel® RealSense™ technology and accelerated by Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit for the high-level security

Remarkable Recognition Accuracy

LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition achieves 99.83 world-class accuracy with LFW and 98.89% with MegaFace in heavy-weight tests. In light-weight tests, LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition achieves 99.767% world-class accuracy with LFW and 96.844% with MegaFace. In addition, LIPSFace™ provides the liveness detection with less than 0.3 second instant recognition time (per user) to deliver smooth, ultra-fast and accurate authentication experience where top security level is required

Well Fits in Wild-Range Applicable Scenarios

LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition offers two types of SDK, one is SW500, providing single-face recognition andanother is SW200 for multiple-face recognition. Both SW500 and SW200 can be adopted in various scenarios depend on the applications. For the security purpose, for example, applying LIPSFace™ SW500 in the entrance of
the restricted areas to grate access authorization. LIPSFace™ SW200 can work with surveillance camera in the specific area or VIP spaces to provide customer/VIP notification or blacklist alarm in order to prepare VIP services or prevent the possibilities of criminal crisis.

Fast and effective anti-spoofing protection

LIPS exclusive Spectrum-Fusion and real 3D depth image capturing and processing technique solves the liveness detection in a total different way than 2D processing, the accuracy is greatly enhanced by extra 3D image information and processing time can also be reduced. In addition, comparing to the tradition 2D anti-spoofing processes, LIPSFace™ 3D Facial Recognition provides the fast and effective antispoofing protection against photos (still/moving/twisting), videos, hard/soft masks, or 3D color-printed faces



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