LIPSFace™ 3D AI Facial Recognition Terminal

LIPSFace AC770 is a contact-less AI-enabled 3D Facial Recognition Terminal based on biometric authentication with advanced liveness detection and machine learning algorithms. Featuring the LIPSFace® AI engine, LIPSFace AC770 ranks among the top in the world with Megaface accuracy up to 98.89% and LFW up to 99.83%.

LIPSArm Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) System for Footwear Automation

As the leading 3D Sensing Solution Provider, LIPSArm VGR Footwear Automation System which enables robotics arms (robots) with brain and 3D vision to open entirely new possibilities in manufacturing automation.

LIPSCare 3D Vision and AI Elderly Care Solution

LIPSCare 3D ElderlyCare Solution utilizes the latest 3D Sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The 3D Vision System detects and sends the immediate notifications to nursing aides when seniors require assistance during the fall or faintness.

LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk

LIPSMetric Parcel Kiosk is an advanced 3D Vision and Edge-AI system that provides instantaneous measurement of parcel dimension, weight, and barcode/QR code scanning. It is ideal in parcel processing, logistics and manufacturing production for post offices, parcel services, warehouses, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies.

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