GenICam Support for
LIPSedge™ 3D Camera Family

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Avoid Building a Vision System From Scratch

Integrating a camera into a Machine Vision Project can be a complex process, involving various tasks such as selecting the appropriate camera and developing different libraries and SDKs.

Integrating camera into Machine Vision Project
Time Consuming


High Resource Allocation

High Resource

Infinite Loops Verification & Validation

Infinite Loops
Verification &

GenICam Enables the Use of Open Standards

Open Standards with GenICam provides the relief by reducing integration and development time

Open Standards with GenICam

The Benefits of using LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam

he Benefits of using LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam

The use of LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam can lead to significant benefits in terms of time-saving, cost reduction, industry verification, and fast deployment, making it an attractive option for machine vision developers.

  • Time-Saving: LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam simplifies the development process, enabling faster development of machine vision applications.

  • Cost Reduction: By using a standardized interface, LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam eliminates the need for camera-specific software development, thereby reducing costs associated with development, maintenance, and training. 

  • Industry Verified: GenICam is an industry-recognized standard that is supported by LIPSedge™ 3D Camera family, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.

  • Fast Deployment: LIPSedge™ 3D Camera with GenICam’s  simplifies the integration process, allowing for faster prototyping and testing, whicle reducing  time-to-market for machine vision applications.enable faster deployment of machine vision systems.

​The Architecture to Implementation

Simplifying the Implementation Process

GenICam Architecture to Implementation

The Supported Software Frameworks

* Please refer to the developer guide for the supported cameras-to-frameworks list

The Supported LIPSedge™ 3D Camera Models

LIPSedge™ AE400
(Active Stereo)

AE400 | LIPS Corporation

Robustness for Industrial and Factory Automation

LIPSedge™ AE450
(Active Stereo)

AE450 | LIPS Corporation

Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

LIPSedge™ AE430
(Active Stereo)

AE430 | LIPS Corporation

Half the Size & Weight. Big Performance!

LIPSedge™ AE470
(Active Stereo)

AE470 | LIPS Corporation

Half the Size & Weight. Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

LIPSedge™ DL

DL | LIPS Corporation

Best-in-One 3D
Time-of-Flight Camera

LIPSedge™ DL400

DL400 | LIPS Corporation

Modularized and Powerful

LIPSedge™ M3

M3 | LIPS Corporation

Mini Size, Precise Position and Location

LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u
(Structured Light)

L215u | LIPS Corporation

Compact, Accurate and

Documentation and Downloads

Developer's Guide

Developer's Guide

The .cti driver

The .cti driver

The .xml nodemap

The .xml nodemap