About LIPS

Founded in 2013 by a group of MIT scholars, LIPS is a pioneer in 3D Sensing & AI technologies, and a global leading provider of Industrial 3D Sensing Solutions.

We design, build, and customize 3D depth cameras as well as develop middleware and turnkey solutions to fulfill our customers’ industrial applications. Over the years, we have also accumulated great expertise in 3D camera calibration and mass production.

Our differentiation comes from our unique strength in delivering customized machine vision and AI solutions that meets customer applications.

LIPS is the Tier-1 partner with many of the world’s leading technology companies including Intel, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Toshiba, Texas Instrument, Sony, Melexis, CEVA and more.

Our Advantages

Readymade 3D Sensing Technology

At LIPS, we get our hands dirty every day to deal with the complexity of 3D data capturing so you don’t have to. The buildup of expertise allows us to effectively and continuously explore new sensing frontiers that can be integrated into our products and ultimately delivered to customers’ hands.

Agile Support

Each customer will be assigned an ID to track the issue along the course of the application development with LIPS’ 3D cameras. Behind the scene, LIPS’ top-notch engineering teams are constantly cranking up camera’s performance for you.

Quick & Easy Integration

Simple plug-and-play USB2 or USB3 interface can get you up and running within minutes and start enjoying clean 3D data presented to you at your disposal.

Solid Warranty

Every LIPS’ camera receives 1 year of warranty with full support and continuing software upgrade through website download.

Our Teams

Luke Liu

Chairman & CEO

Anna Chien

Executive Vice President

Keempee Chuang


Alen Chen

Sr. Director of Software Development

K.Y. Lee

Director of Quality Management

Phone. +886-2-8791-6998

Fax. +886-2-8791-8996

2F, 100, Ruiguang Rd, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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