LIPSMetric ST130e Pallet Dimensioner​

Pallet Measurement Made Easy

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LIPSMetric™ ST130e Pallet Dimensioner Camera Kit features our industry-leading multiple-dimension measurement algorithm. It is designed for the pallet measurement in the warehouse environment. LIPSMetric™ ST130 Pallet Dimensioner Camera Kit can further integrate with optional weight scale with standard RS-232 interface and provide data exchange with the backend logistic system via Restful API.

​Easy to Deploy

  • Industry-leading measuring speed & accuracy

  • Ability to measure both symmetrical and asymmetrical loads

  • Ability to measure pallet with plastic wrapping

  • Automatically outline object dimensions with A.I. algorithm

  • Ability to measure in low-light warehouse environment

  • Software SDK  optional integration interface via RS232 trough PC

  • Measurement data can be integrated via RESTful API

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Plastic Wrapped

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Asymmetrical  Stacking

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No Light Conditions

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​All-in-one Measurement Solution

◉ LIPSedge™ AE450 Ruggedized 3D Camera

LIPSMetric™ ST130 Pallet Dimensioner Application

Instant dimensioning of the underlying pallet

​Powerful  LIPSMetric™  Algorithm

  • Ability to measure cubic or irregular shaped objects

  • Automatically outline objects dimensions with A.I. algorithm

  • Ability to measure large objects and pallets at 125 x 125 x 250cm




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Simple to Use

  1. Set up the 3D camera (LIPSedge AE450)
  2. Connect the camera to your computer
  3. Install, calibrate, and run LIPSMetric Pallet Dimensioner application
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Accessible Integration

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Simple to Use

Manufacturing and logistic customers use LIPSMetric™ ST130 Pallet Dimensioner to measure pallets and large objects to speed up their shipment process and save valuable labor. 

  • Measuring pallets or large objects

  • Measure cuboid, long & irregular objects

  • Capture dimension in a second

  • Ability to measure pallet with plastic wrap



Windows 10 (x86)

Support Camera

LIPSedge AE450

Board to 3D Camera



Measuring Range

Object Size L x W x H (cm):

Min: 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Max: 125 x 125 x 250 cm


Cubic / Non-cubic


5% for each side

Data Output

RGB Image, Width, Length, Height

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