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LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK

The True Body Motion Detection

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The LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK is an industry leading Real-time Full-body skeletal tracking with 18 specific joints middleware. Its tracking can include up to 10 people, with 360° motion tracking  for side view, back view, sitting and lying poses.

Features That Matter Most

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Joint full-body skeletal tracking

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Swing & staggering Motion

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Leading API Wrappers for Integration and Acceleration

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  • Full-body Skeletal Tracking

  • Outputs RGB, Depth and Skeletal Image

  • Joint-tracking capability of 18 joints

  • Eyes * 2

  • Nose

  • Ears * 2

  • Neck

  • Shoulder * 2

  • Elbow * 2

  • Wrist * 2

  • Hip * 2

  • Knee * 2

  • Ankle * 2

  • People Tracking up to 10

  • Capture of Swinging and Staggering Motions

  • Support for multiple 3D camera mechanical positions

  • 90 Clockwise

  • 90 Counterclockwise

  • 180 Flat

  • Capability to detect cameras connected during runtime

  • Supporting both Industrial and Consumer 3D Depth Cameras

  • LIPSedge™ AE400 Series

  • LIPSedge™ DL Series

  • Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series

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Complete Documentation

Online Documentation

Refer to our User Guides to know how easy it is to use

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Releases and Updates

Most recent updates, new features and implementations

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Code Samples

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Unity API Wrapper

Save development time and cost with LIPScan™ 3D Body Pose SDK

“ Extend the power of the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content.”

​Empowered with NVIDIA® TensorRT™

LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK  utilizes NVIDIA’s TensorRT enables you to optimize inference using techniques such as quantization, layer and tensor fusion, kernel tuning, and others on NVIDIA GPUs

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Speed up inference by 36x

NVIDIA TensorRT-based applications perform up to 36X faster than CPU-only platforms during inference

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Optimize inference performance

TensorRT, built on the NVIDIA CUDA® parallel programming model

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Accelerate every workload

TensorRT provides INT8 using quantization-aware training and post-training quantization and Floating Point 16 (FP16) optimizations for deployment of deep learning inference applications

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Deploy, run, and scale with Triton

TensorRT-optimized models can be deployed, run, and scaled with NVIDIA Triton™, an open-source inference serving software that includes TensorRT as one of its backends.

​Empowered with Intel® OpenVINO™

LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK utilizes the Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit, and when equipped with Intel® HD graphics, it allows the acceleration of the inference engine and enhance the visualization experience


Specifications and Requirements

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  • Interactive exhibition or entertainment

        - Audience interaction detection

        - Body motion range, crowd position & pose detection


  • Workspace monitoring

       - Operator monitoring for safety assistant

       - Human machine collaboration

       - Work elements record and working time measurement

  • Athletes Motion Analysis

       - Operator ergonomics analysis

       - Human factor engineering



  • Therapists & fitness analysis

       - Posture analysis, evaluation, correction and tracking

Demo Video and Pose Comparison

LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose Demo

LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose Comparison

Successful Use Case

Workspace Monitoring


  • Real-Time Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Collision –free Path Planning for Mobile Robot


  • Human Behavior Monitor & Prediction

  • Blind Spot for AMR onboard sensor

Benefits of LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK​

  • Real-time & High-Performance 3D Skeleton Tracking

  • Enabling Workspace – Human Tracking Overview for AMR coordination.

3D Virtual Fence for Factory Automation

LIPSense™ Virtual Fence is a 3D Sensing Solution for Workplace Safety.

The cost of workplace accidents and operation hazards in automated factories can generate high costs when left unattended. A proper solution implementing the right tools is a key factor to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Set in an automated factory line, LIPSense™ Virtual Fence can be integrated into  existing factory robotic systems, detects if on-site factory workers’ movements and presence fall within areas that could endanger them.

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