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LIPSense 3D Body Pose SDK


• Compatible with Windows and Ubuntu with Unity

• Ultra-stable 3D skeletal & ID tracking performance


• Full-body skeletal tracking with 18 specific joints

• Up to 10 peoples tracking

• 360° motion tracking (eg. side view, back view, sitting and lying poses)

• Powered by Intel® OpenVINO™ to accelerate inference engine on Intel® HD 

• Compatible with LIPSedge® AE400/ AE450 and Intel®   RealSense™ D415, D435, D455 camera

Product Videos

LIPSense 3D Body Pose Demo

LIPSense 3D Body Pose Comparison

Successful Case

Workspace Monitoring


  • Real-Time Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Collision –free Path Planning for Mobile Robot


  • Human Behavior Monitor & Prediction

  • Blind Spot for AMR onboard sensor

Benefits of LIPSense 3D Body Pose SDK

  • Real-time & High-Performance 3D Skeleton Tracking

  • Enabling Workspace – Human Tracking Overview for      AMR coordination.

  • Full-body skeletal tracking

  • Max. joint-tracking capability of 18 joints

  • Max. people-tracking capability of 10 people

  • Proprietary algorithm for optimal skeletal detection performance

  • Capture of swinging and staggering motions

  • Support for Unity and multiple programming languages / platforms

  • Intel® OpenVINO™ compatibility for Intel® HD graphics inference engine acceleration

  • Optimized Intel® HD graphics support

  • AE series compatibility®LIPSedge

  • Intel® RealSense™ D400 series compatibility

Application Potential

• Interactive exhibition or entertainment

  - Audience interaction detection

  - Body motion range, crowd position & pose detection

• Workspace monitoring

   - Operator monitoring for safety assistant

   - Human machine collaboration

   - Work elements record and working time measurement

• Athletes Motion Analysis

   - Operator ergonomics analysis

   - Human factor engineering

• Therapists & fitness analysis

   - Posture analysis, evaluation, correction and tracking

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