LIPSedge™ AE470

Half the Size & Weight. Big Performance!
Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

Compact & Light-weight Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera for Robotics & Edge-AI with Enhanced Range

From the LIPSedge AE series, the LIPSedge™ AE470. With less than 300 grams of weight, compact form factor, GigE/PoE support, edge-AI SOC, and IP67 dust & water-proof.
LIPSedge™ AE470 is an excellent 3D camera choice for the robotic hand-eye and factory automation, and many other applications which require also long-range distances captures and detection.

Highest Depth Quality per Degree with Active Stereo

With Highest Depth Quality per degree, Powered by RGB-D sensor with Active Stereo Tech
LIPSedge™ AE Series is an active-stereo camera with inherent advantages such as better sensing for metal surface, better performance in short range, and provides higher resolution.

Glass surface​

glass surface
glass surface 1 | LIPS Corporation
glass surface 2 | LIPS Corporation

Background up to 8m in distance

Glass surface Background up to 8m in distance
background distance 1 | LIPS Corporation
background distance 2 | LIPS Corporation

High Contrast Noise scenes

High Contrast Noise scenes
high contrast noise 1 | LIPS Corporation
high contrast noise 2 | LIPS Corporation

Ceiling with LED reflection

Glass surface Background up to 8m in distance High Contrast Noise scenes Ceiling with LED reflection
led reflection 1 | LIPS Corporation
led reflection 2 | LIPS Corporation

Outdoor Light Conditions

Outdoor Light Conditions
outdoor light 1 | LIPS Corporation
outdoor light 2 | LIPS Corporation

Global Shutter

The LIPSedge™ AE470 uses Global shutter technology in which an image sensor’s pixels to start exposing and stop exposing simultaneously for every image capture. Such technology is best and suitable for high-speed moving objects with an output without any motion blur.

Depth Resolution
720P @ 30 FPS          480P @ 60 FPS

470 | LIPS Corporation
robotic arm vision

Industrial Ready

LIPSedge™ AE470 features compact form factor (135 x 100 x 42mm), light-weight body (280g), and ruggedized casing (IP67 compliant) and can satisfy strict limitations in robotic arm carrying weight. It provides fast and tight PoE connectivity with M12 locked-cable to withstand robotic arm twists and turns.




AE430 03 工作區域 1 1 | LIPS Corporation

10+ Meters Long Range

The LIPSedge™ AE470 is best suitable for detections that require long distances and enhanced range 3D depth mapping

long range detect | LIPS Corporation
LIPSedge AE470 with built-in 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

An IMU inside

The LIPSedge ™ AE470 comes with a built-in 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which allows precision and accuracy for its position and movement location details.

Built-in Heatsink

  • Built-in heatsink allows heat to dissipate easily from the camera body while ensuring long periods of operation without interruption
  • No external heatsink required
AE470 Built-in Heatsink
GigE with PoE

Persistent Connection

  • Supports GigE with PoE that allows data transmission and power supply (802.3 af / at) up to 100 meters
  • Remain in the same session even after occasional disconnection (<15 seconds) without restarting

Know more…

Open-root with Edge Computing

Run neural network applications at 5.0 TOPS with edge-AI SOC as open-root. (Note: Please consult for the availability of the Development Kit)

Open-root with Edge Computing
build once | LIPS Corporation

Build Once, Deploy Unlimitedly

  • Cross-platform OS support on Windows & Linux.

  • Cross-platform Hardware support on Intel and Nvidia

Develop Code Simply

  • Develop applications with LIPSedge ™ AE470 using friendly and universal languages with LIPS samples code including C++, C# and Python
  • LIPSedge™ AE470 supports widely used industrial 3D framework including ROS, OpenCV, OpenNI, Nvidia Isaac, Halcon as well as LIPS strong middleware portfolio.
sdk e1703834004740 | LIPS Corporation

Application uses cases

workplace safety
13 | LIPS Corporation
14 | LIPS Corporation
15 | LIPS Corporation

vision guided robotics

LIPScan 3D Scan SDK

LIPSafeGuard 3D Virtual Fence

Start developing with LIPS

Our open‑source SDK 2.0 offers a variety of wrappers supporting popular programming languages and platforms.





Active Stereo

Max. Working Distance:

10+ m

Frame Rate:


FoV (H x V x D):

87° x 58° x 95°



Min. Working Distance:

0.52 m

Shutter Type:

Global Shutter

Z Accuracy:

≤2% (up to 4 meters and 80% of FoV)

*The Accuracy will vary with disance.




Shutter Type:

Global Shutter

FoV (H x V x D):

87° x 58° x 95°




Pattern Type:




Illumating Component:

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)

A.I. Processor​

ARM Cortex:

Quad Core ARM Corex-A73, paired with Dual Core

Cortex A-53 CPU, ARM Mali-G52 GPU


Dimension (mm):

130 x 32 x 66 mm

Storage Temperature:

-40 ~ 70˚C


Industrial Heatsink


PoE (IEEE 802.3 at/at)

M12-to-RJ45 Cable (included)

Power wire (12V, 1A) with M8 standard connector


≤ 300 g

Ambient Temperature:

0 ~ 40˚C

Output Interface:

Indoor / Outdoor

Output Interface:

M12 to Gigabit Ethernet cable for power and data


Multiple Frameworks supported:



Windows 10

Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04 LTS


Indoor / Outdoor

LIPSedge™ AE470 Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

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