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LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit

Empowering Public Kiosks: Touchless and Bacteria-Free

Touchless Interface Camera Kit

LIPSense TI110 Touchless Interface Camera Kit

From checking in at airports and hotels to ordering food at restaurants, purchasing movie theater tickets, and paying bills, public touchscreen kiosks play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives.


With the LIPSense Touchless Interface Camera Kit, consumers can complete touch-free transactions and businesses can meet changing customer health and safety expectations, improve operational efficiency, and boost their bottom line.


What is LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit ?

The LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit is:

A complete solution which uses LIPS® 3D Depth Cameras for detecting events happening on top of Kiosks screens

The details:

  • It detects the hand of a user when approaching to the Kiosk screen trying to interact with the application interface without touching it

  • The movements of the finger become emulated as the daily computer mouse events

  • Finger movements such as ‘Clicking’, ‘Scrolling’ while sliding the fingers on the screen are emulated on real-time

Bacteria Free
Hand points a finger

Finger Tracking

Automatically track user's fingers

No prior user training required

Finger tracking

Bacteria Free

A touchless solution that enhances the user experience by avoiding germs or virus on the kiosk screen  

Mouse Emulator

Emulates the events of your finger

moves for Click and Scroll functions

Mouse Emulator Finger Click
Mouse Emulator Finger Scroll

How to adopt the LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit?

Kiosk Touchless Touchscreen User Interface

Integrating it into your current touchscreen

The solution for use-cases that are already implementing touchscreens

Touchless Display Screen

Using traditional display screens

Retrofit into existing display panels for cost-effective seekers

Touchless 3D Tracking Interface

LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit

What’s in it?

1. LIPSedge ™ 3D Depth Camera

  • Based on USB Interface

2. LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Driver with Intel® oneAPI

  • Touchless interface driver for the 3D sensor to enable event detection, and cursor emulator ready to install on the kiosk system

3. Quick Setup Software

  • A user interface guide for 3D camera calibration and system setting

Complete Kiosk System

Kiosk Solution

If you are looking for a touchless interface kiosk system integrated with LIPSense™ Touchless Interface Camera Kit

The KS-M320 + LIPSense™ TI110 is a solution ready for use in actual deployment

Modularized and with a slim design, the set is the excellent Touchless Kiosk for:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Bakery

  • Kitchen & Food Production

  • Supermarkets

Usage Scenarios

Mall Kiosk Display Screen


Restaurant Kiosk Display Screen


Parking Kiosk Display Screen


Airport Kiosk Display Screen



Supported OS

Minimum CPU requirements

Supported screen orientation

Supported screen size

Touch report rate


Supported mouse events

Microsoft Windows

Inter® Core i5 processors*


15.6" x 32"



Click, Drog


  • Touch report rate: The frequency of updates to the cursor position or action

  • Dots per inch (DPI): The resolution of the touch less cursor

  • DPI 8: 2.54cm/8=3.2mm

*The LIPS touchless interface solution leverages the lntel oneAPI library for fast development and real-time performance software on Intel® platforms.

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