LIPSedge Supports Nvidia AGX Orin

NVIDIA Platform
with 3D Vision


LIPS® is partnering with NVIDIA® to take the LIPSedge™ 3D Camera line (including ToF, stereo, and structured-light cameras) to support the latest NVIDIA Isaac SDK and NVIDIA Jetson platform. Our cameras now boost with the latest JetPack 5.0 and Isaac SDK running on the most powerful Jetson AGX Orin to bring the next-level AI performance for next-gen robotics.

LIPSedge AE400LIPSedge AE430LIPSedge AE450, and LIPSedge AE470 are ruggedized 3D stereo cameras that supports GigE with PoE & IP67 rating. They are also certified with the latest NVIDIA Issac SDK and support ROS/ROS2. These cameras are great for factory-automation and robotic applications running on top of Jetson AGX Orin or Jetson AGX Xavier hardware.

LIPSedge L is the newly introduced 3D strutured-light camera that targets near range applications such as 3D metrology, 3D scanning, 3D facial recognition. It has accuracy of 0.3% at 1m and features 940nm VCSEL that can work under outdoor condition. LIPSedge L supports the latest JetPack 5.0 and Isaac SDK.

LIPSedge DL , LIPSedge M3, and LIPSedge AT are 3D ToF cameras that are suitable for retail, healthcare, smart fitness, and AIoT applications. They can connect with Jetson OrinJetson Orin NXJetson Orin NanoJetson Xavier NXJetson TX2 or Jetson Nano via USB interface and supports Open NI and Open CV framework for developers.

In addition, LIPS is also offering 3D Camera + Jetson IPC bundle that cover various 3D Vision technologies, camera form factors, and targeted applications.

LIPSedge 3D Camera Line

LIPSedge™ AE400
(Active Stereo)

AE400 | LIPS Corporation

Robustness for Industrial and Factory Automation

LIPSedge™ AE450
(Active Stereo)

AE450 | LIPS Corporation

Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

LIPSedge™ AE430
(Active Stereo)

AE430 | LIPS Corporation

Half the Size & Weight. Big Performance!

LIPSedge™ AE470
(Active Stereo)

AE470 | LIPS Corporation

Half the Size & Weight. Long-Range Industrial Stereo Camera

LIPSedge™ DL

DL | LIPS Corporation

Best-in-One 3D
Time-of-Flight Camera

LIPSedge™ DL400

DL400 | LIPS Corporation

Modularized and Powerful

LIPSedge™ M3

M3 | LIPS Corporation

Mini Size, Precise Position and Location

LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u
(Structured Light)

L215u | LIPS Corporation

Compact, Accurate and

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin​

Nvidia Jetson Orin Spec | LIPS Corporation

To enable your LIPSedge™ 3D cameras to work with NVIDIA Isaac and NVIDIA Jetson platform respectively, please visit our SDK & Downloads page or visit LIPS Github site.