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LIPScan 3D Desktop


• Enterprise-level 3D Modeling

• Flexible & Fast Scanning


• Intel® RealSense™ D415 Compatibility

• High-Performance, Low Latency

• Intuitive User Interface

• Comprehensive File Format

Product Videos

LIPScan 3D Desktop Introduction

LIPScan 3D Desktop Demo

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Key Product features
  • High-performance Algorithm

  • Low Scanning Latency

  • Intel RealSense D415 Compatibility

  • Intuitive User Interface 

  • Accurate Surface Detail Reproduction

  • High Surface Detail Customizability

  • Comprehensive File Format Support

Get it Today

You can now buy LIPScan 3D Dekstop Software on SendOwl by clicking the link below! Once the payment is made, we will send you the licensed link to download and install immediately!