LIPS Intel industrial 3D AI solution


LIPS Intel Collaboration

LIPS partners with Intel to bring our powerful 3D AI industrial solutions onto the Intel platform. In order to provide a low-latency and high-reliable solution, LIPS works with Intel IoT Solutions Alliance to accelerate 3D AI inference on the edge. LIPS also collaborates with Intel RealSense to bring the Active Stereo 3D Technology for the industrial usage. Lastly,  LIPS also utilizes Intel FPGA to build standalone 3D camera that targets Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, and Smart City applications.

LIPSedge 3D Cameras powered by Intel​

LIPSedge AE400 is an Industrial 3D camera that supports GigE with PoE & IP67 rating. It is RealSense SDK 2.0 compatible and supports powerful machine vision platform such as HALCON and NVIDIA Isaac™. LIPSedge AT is an All-in-One Standalone 3D ToF Camera that has Intel® Cyclone® V FPGA built-in and can execute optimized algorithms on the edge.

40@2x | LIPS Corporation

LIPSedge AE400
Ruggedized 3D Active-Stereo Camera

  • Ruggedized enclosure with IP67 classification designed for stringent industrial environment
  • Support GigE with PoE which allows both faster data and higher power over distance in a single cable comparing to USB
  • 100% compatibility with RealSense™ SDK and can work with latest NVIDIA Issac SDK 
  • Built-in 6-axis IMU for borader application support
  • Support of LIPS strong middleware portfolio
  • Support industrial platforms such as HALCON and NVIDIA Isaac™
38@2x | LIPS Corporation

Standalone 3D ToF Camera​

  • Standalone 3D ToF smart camera that can operate independently
  • Featuring Intel® Cyclone® V FPGA for high-performance edge processing
  • Highly adaptive to most enclosure designs that will fit well with your applications and scenarios
  • Patented onboard SDK software pre-installed in the camera module
  • Support of LIPS strong middleware portfolio

3D AI Middlewear Compatible with Intel RealSense​

LIPScan is a high-performance scanning software with intuitive user interface. LIPSFace 3D Facial Recognition SDK with advanced anti-spoofing technology enables new era of access control. LIPSMetric 3D Ruler provides accurate 3D dimensional measurement along the x, y, z axis whether the targets are cuboid or non-cuboid objects. LIPSense 3D Skeletal Tracking provides full-body skeletal tracking with 14 specific joints. All these middleware are compatible with Intel RealSense 3D Depth Cameras.

45@2x | LIPS Corporation

3D Scan for Professionals & Hobbyists

  • Accurate Surface Detail Reproduction
  • High Surface Detail Customizability
  • Comprehensive File Format Support



  • High-performance Algorithm
  • Low Scanning Latency
  • Intuitive User Interface



44@2x | LIPS Corporation

The True Body Motion Detection​

  • Full body Skeletal tracking with 14 specific joints
  • Reliably up to 10 virtual user skeletons
  • Proprietary algorithm ensures optimal detection

LIPS 3D AI Concepts powered by Intel​

LIPSLab also collaborates with Intel closely to introduce novel 3D AI concepts that can advance the 3D AI usages in various sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, security, industrial design, AR/VR, and much more!

LIPSLab 3D AI Frontier

Let's collaborate!​

If you are a user of Intel platform and would like to explore how LIPS 3D AI solutions can help you to achieve your applications, please email to [email protected] for inquiry!