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At LIPSLab, we are constantly looking for challenges that will advance our 3D AI knowledge and take our technology practice to a whole new level. In LIPSLab, anything is possible. We do not set the boundary of our creativity and imagination. 

 LIPSLab projects 


3D Ruler System

3D Metrology

LIPSMetric Concept

- Tablet Scaler

- Conveyor Scaler

- Pallet Scaler


3D Elevator Occupancy

3D Metrology

LIPSMetric Concept

- Detect elevator occupancy

- Report to elevator control if over-capacity and re-route


Smart Parcel Kisok

3D Metrology

LIPSMetric Concept

- Instant capture of package dimensions & weight

- Self-help kiosk that saves human labor and prevents error


3D Facial Recognition Terminal

3D Facial Recognition

LIPSFace Concept

- 2D Facial Recognition + 3D Liveness Detection

- < 0.3 Sec Response Time

- Built-in sensors and image compensation algorithm


3D Footware Automation Solution

3D Vision Guided Robotics

LIPSArm Concept

- Capture pure 3D images of the shoes with 360° point cloud 

- 3D path planning to automate the surface treatment operation


3D People Counting

Humanoid Detection

LIPSense Concept

- Human / Non-human Detection by 3D features

- Height Detection

- 4-way People Counting

LIPS-PPE-Cover v0.5.jpg

Personal Protection Equipment Detection

Huamnoid Detection

LIPSense Concept

- This concept allows only authorized workers with the correctly-weared personal protection equipment (PPE) to gain access to the premise 


3D AI Care

Humanoid Detection

LIPSCare Concept

- Fall detection

- Bed exit detation

- Activity detection


3D Virtual Fence

Humanoid Detection

LIPSense Concept

- Establish a 3D region of interest and receive alerts if being breached by human skeleton


3D Motion Gesture

Humanoid Detection

LIPSense Concept

- High-performance algorithm

- Highly customizable

- Fist recognition


Let's Collaborate

If you are interested in partnering with us to deep-dive in these concepts further, please email to for more!

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