LIPSedge™ S205p

Powerful Active Stereo with Ambarella CV2
Edge Computing

Long Range High-Resolution 3D Stereo Camera with RGB

LIPSedge™ S205p is the next-generation 3D stereo camera that can support up to 720p high-resolution RGB-D to support applications that require the combined capabilities of 2D and 3D machine vision. Featured with wide FOV, long range and excellent accuracy, includes a global shutter sensor and built-in IMU for high-motion robotics and applications. LIPSedge™ S205p integrates an Ambarella CV2 CVflow® SoC with high performance edge AI processing capabilities and is available in both consumer and industrial application

ambarella cv2 | LIPS Corporation

High Performance with Ambarella® CV2 Edge Computing

Run applications on Edge with 10nm technology on Ambarella’s CV2 CVflow® SoC. Delivering  industry-leading image processing, high resolution video encoding, and an optimized CVflow® computer vision architecture for high-performance

10+ Meters Long Range

The LIPSedge™ S205p is best suitable for detections that require long distances and enhanced range 3D depth mapping

long range detect | LIPS Corporation

Near-Infrared in Image Sensor

Near-infrared sensing enables high sensitivity to near-infrared light for effective zero-light imaging,
improving clear visibility for 3D depth mapping

Near-infrared Technology produces clear images in low-light conditions

Near-infrared Technology produces clear
 images in low-light conditions

Without NIR, images are blurry in low light

Without NIR, images are blurry in low light

Global Shutter

The LIPSedge™ S205p uses Global shutter technology in which an image sensor’s pixels to start exposing and stop exposing simultaneously for every image capture. Such technology is best and suitable for high-speed moving objects with an output without any motion blur.

470 | LIPS Corporation

Precision with VCSEL Technology

The LIPSedge™ S205p design adopts VCSEL Technology which allows precise and Depth precision with
narrow beams, making possible high output and accuracy

precise and Depth precision with narrow beams
laser light source type
1280x800 pixels

HD RGB Output

Selective single output of RGB at HD Resolution with 1280×800 pixels for applications that require clear image quality and sharpness

Built-in Heatsink

  • Built-in heatsink allows heat to dissipate easily from the camera body while ensuring long periods of operation without interruption
  • No external heatsink required
Built-in Heatsink
ip67 edited | LIPS Corporation


LIPSedge™ S205p is an IP67 class device that comes for protection against water and dust

An IMU inside

The LIPSedge™ S205p comes with a built-in 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which allows precision and accuracy for its position and movement location details

s205p imu | LIPS Corporation
persistent Connection 1 | LIPS Corporation

Persistent PoE Connection

  • Supports GigE with PoE that allows data transmission and power supply (802.3 af / at) up to 100 meters
  • Remain in the same session even after occasional disconnection (<15 seconds) without restarting

Build Once, Deploy Unlimitedly

Cross-platform OS support on Windows & Linux.
Cross-platform Hardware support on Intel and Nvidia

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Developer Friendly

  • LIPSedge S205p supports widely used industrial 3D framework including ROS, OpenCV, OpenNI, Nvidia Isaac, Halcon as well as LIPS strong middleware portfolio.
  • Develop applications with LIPSedge S205p using friendly and universal languages with LIPS ® samples code including C++, C# and Python

Application uses cases

People Counting
industrial design
High Resolution Scanning




Active Stereo

Max. Working Distance:

10 m

Frame Rate:




FoV (H x V x D):

87° x 58° x 95°

Min. Working Distance:

0.16 m

Shutter Type:

Global Shutter

Z Accuracy:




1280 x 800 @ 30fps

Frame Rate:

Global Shutter

FoV (H x V x D):

90° x 65° x 98°




Illumating Component:

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)



IMU Sensor​

3-axis accelerator & 3-axis gyroscope

A.I. Processor for Edge Computing​

Ambarella CV2® :

Quad-Core ARM® Cortex® A53 up to 1.0Ghz with CVflow® Processor for Deep Learning


Dimension (mm):

130 x 32 x 66 mm

Storage Temperature:

-20 ~ 60˚C


PoE (IEEE 802.3 at/at)


320 g (unit only), 526 g (with Packing)

Ambient Temperature:

0 ~ 40˚C

Output Interface:

M12 x code


Indoor / Outdoor


Windows 10

Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04 LTS

LIPSedge™ S205p 3D Stereo Camera with Ambarella CV2 Edge Computing


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