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LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator

Empowering next-generation 3D Vision and A.I.

World’s 1st NVIDIA AGX Xavier based PCIe PoE+ Endpoint-Mode Edge Accelerator

Frame Grabber for GigE/PoE Camera
PCIe Endpoint Mode

•  Industrial Ready Edge Accelerator for GigE/ PoE RGB-D Camera with GenICam
•  PoE+ 2 ports with PSE
•  PCIe Endpoint Mode

-   High Bandwidth with PCIe 4.0

-   Low Latency Transmission with GPUDirect via RDMA

-   Scale-Up Architecture for Robotics Vision with x86

-   Cleverboot™ Interconnect for Multi-OS Systems

-   Edge Computing with NVIDIA® CUDA and OpenCL

•  Accelerate 3D Point cloud De-noise, Stitching & Fusion
•  Compatible with LIPSedge™ 3D Camera and SDK Wrappers

-   Extended Library Support from Nvidia ISAAC, Jetson Jetpack SDK and more

•  Root Port Deployment  from single lane to multi-lanes

X86 applications and NVIDIA Jetson

Why Do You Need
LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator?

  • Run x86 applications such as ROS & ROS2 while taking advantage of the parallel computing & deep learning capabilities of Nvidia Jetson

Taking the Best of Both Worlds on x86 and Nvidia Jetson

Designed to Scale and Accelerate 3D Vision Applications

  • The 3D vision application today often requires a dedicated IPC to process even a single 3D camera stream

  • LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator allows a single system to scale-up & pre-process multiple 3D camera streams while performing AI inference and keeping the CPU utilization low 

GigE/PoE Camera with GenlCam

PoE+ 2 ports with PSE

  • No power adapter required for LIPSedge™ AE series cameras

  • Robust 30 watts PSE: Balance, Stability and Performance

  • Protection against:

  • Over-current

  • Over-voltage

  • Short-circuit

  • Over-temperature

Industrial Ready for GigE/ PoE RGB-D Camera with GenICam

Two independent ports transferring up to 2.5 Gb/s per port

資產 145_4x.png

PCIe Endpoint Mode Low Latency Architecture

Run as Endpoint mode that allows High-bandwidth, Low-latency transfer of data with GPUDirect RDMA enabled. LIPSedge