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 What You See is What You Measure 

LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner is an advanced 3D AI system that provides instantaneous measurement of parcel/package dimension and weight. It is ideal for post offices, express delivery stops, convenient stores, warehouses, and e-commerce operations, to save time from tedious manual measurement, improve operational efficiency, and prevent human errors.

LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner has ability to measure both cuboid or non-cuboid shaped parcel or package to fit in different type of parcel/package measurement scenarios. For example, a delivery service may collect packages in a bag or soft format, an airport delivery service may collect luggage in various shapes or forms or a warehouse may stock good with various shaped packages.


 Our Advantages 

  1. Automate the dimension measurement process and simplify the parcel/package collection

  2. Instant capture of parcel/package dimension and weight (optional) in less than 1 second

  3. Capabilities to measure cubic and non-cuboid package/parcel

  4. Can integrate with label printer, logistic back-end,and payment processor as a fully automated self-service kiosk in the post office, convenient store or retail/logistic outlet

 How It Works - End-User Perspective 

LIPSMetric Smart Parcel Kiosk can be deployed in a variety of user scenarios such as a self-service parcel kiosk in a convenient store or an integrated dimension/weight capture apparatus in a post office.


Now to Future

It's time for a new approach

  • The parcel/package measurement function can apply in different ways: self-service, assisted payment or just for dimension & weight capture

  • Return-on-investment (ROI) can easily be realized within 6 month time-frame by savings on labor, time, and prevention of human errors

  • Open architecture for backend and technology integration  

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