What You See is What You Measure 

LIPSMetric is an advanced 3D vision parcel solution that provides instantaneous
measurement of parcel dimension, weight, and barcode/QR code scanning. It is ideal in parcel processing, logistics and manufacturing production for post offices, parcel companies, warehouses, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies, to improve operational efficiency, information collection and process visualization.

LIPSMetric takes advantage of the 3D Sensing Technology, powered by Intel® RealSense™ Technology and OpenVINO™ Toolkit with optional accessories including the weight scale, the processing unit, the label printer and the touch panel. Once dimension and weight information is collected, LIPSMetric will calculate the shipping cost and print out the shipping label, and the parcel box is ready for delivery.


 Our Advantages 

1. Instant capture of package dimension in less than 1 sec
2. No more struggle with manual tape measurement
3. Measuring accuracy is up to ± 5mm
4. Recognizing carrier labels and packaging automatically
5. Automatic calculation of shipping costs
6. Easy to use as a self-service kiosk in a convenient store with assisted payment
7. Measure multiple objects in cubic, cuboid or even irregular shapes
8. Smart package photo archive for compliance and retention
9. Powerful logistic system integration and compatibility
10. Boost the productivity and relieve manpower

 How It Works - End-User Perspective 

LIPSMetric Smart Parcel Kiosk can be deployed in a variety of user scenarios such as a self-service parcel kiosk in a convenient store or an integrated dimension/weight capture apparatus in a post office.


Now to Future

It's time for a new approach

  • The same automation method can apply in different ways: self-service, assisted payment or just for dimension & weight capture.

  • We have developed the foundation of 3D sensing technology combined with AI knowledge

  • This solution  is powered by Intel® RealSense ™ Technology and accelerated by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO ™ Toolkit.