Biometric authentication has become an increasingly popular and reliable method for identifying individuals. With the advent of advanced 2D/3D Facial Recognition features, LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition Technology is leading the way in biometric authentication.


SW500: 3D ライブネス検出による高度な単一顔認識

LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition Technology offers the SW500 SDK, which is designed for single-face recognition with 3D Liveness Detection. This technology is capable of identifying individuals with high accuracy and provides an additional layer of security through its advanced liveness detection feature. This feature ensures that the individual being identified is physically present and not just a photograph or video.


SW200: 2D テクノロジーによる複数顔認識

For situations where multi-face recognition is necessary, LIPSFace™ AI Facial Recognition Technology offers the SW200 SDK. This software is based on 2D technology and is capable of identifying multiple faces in real-time. This makes it ideal for use in large-scale security systems, such as airports or public transportation hubs.


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