What You See is What You Measure 

LIPS 3DRuler provides the automated geometric measurement with high precision for logistic industry or warehouse management, such as parcel companies and distribution centers, to grow revenue, realize faster shipping cycle times, and optimize workflows and storage space.

LIPS 3DRuler is a 3D metrology middleware that adopts 3D depth sensing technology to instantly measure the dimension of multiple cubes and cuboids, or any irregular-shape objects; in addition, stacked objects are measurable as well. 3DRuler can be implemented in any forms of device, such as mobile device or customized facilities, with a compatible 3D camera integrated. As 3DRuler is featuring with no zero-calibration required, measurements of multiple objects can be easily done in one shot.

 Key Features 

  • No zero-calibration required prior to use

  • Instant 3D dimension measurement in less than 1 second

  • Measuring accuracy is up to ±3%~±5%

  • Capabilities to measure multiple objects in cubic or cuboid or irregular shapes

  • Replaces manual measurement with automation

 Application Scenarios 


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