LIPS の 3D ビジョン テクノロジーで NVIDIA プラットフォームを強化

3D ビジョン技術の登場

In today’s world, the physical environment is three-dimensional, and it is becoming increasingly common for various industries to adopt 3D vision technology to solve complex tasks in industrial automation, agriculture, warehouse logistics, and autonomous robotics. 3D vision technology provides real-time, precise information that enhances performance in real-world applications. Moreover, compared to their 2D counterparts, 3D vision technology provides more flexibility and independence in various applications.


LIPS と NVIDIA: 完璧なパートナーシップ

LIPS, a pioneer in 3D vision technology, and a global leader in Industrial 3D Vision and AI Solutions, has been providing comprehensive end-to-end 3D vision solutions since 2013. LIPS offers a range of 3D vision solutions, from 3D cameras to 3D AI middleware and 3D AI system design. With the powerful NVIDIA Jetson platform, LIPS can support NVIDIA developers in achieving their 3D vision projects with greater ease and efficiency.


NVIDIA の最も包括的な 3D ビジョン プラットフォーム

In partnership with NVIDIA, LIPS has integrated its LIPSedge 3D Cameras into the NVIDIA Jetson platform, creating a comprehensive 3D vision platform. The LIPSedge AE400 , a ruggedized 3D camera that supports GigE with PoE & IP67 rating, is certified with the latest NVIDIA Issac SDK, ensuring seamless integration with the Jetson platform.

Ruggedized 3DCamera

LIPSedge DL and LIPSedge M3 are 3D ToF cameras that connect with Nvidia Jetson TX2 or Nano via USB interface and support Open NI framework for developers. LIPS is also offering LIPSedge EX Series 3D Camera + IPC bundles, which cater to various 3D Vision technologies, camera form factors, and targeted applications.



To learn more about the LIPS-NVIDIA partnership, visit LIPS and NVIDIA Page . With LIPS’ cutting-edge 3D vision technology and NVIDIA’s powerful Jetson platform, you can empower your applications with the latest technological advancements and gain a competitive edge.

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