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LIPSedge M3


Compact ToF Depth Sensor

Optimized for embedded application

Accuracy: Up to 1% (typical)

Time-of-Flight 3D

 Only 32 g / L x W x H: 51 x 28 x 22.4 mm 

 FoV 74.1° x 57.5° / Range 0.2 ~ 4 m

 Built-in 6-axis IMU


Compatible Middleware

 LIPSense 3D Motion Gesture


Product & Middleware Videos

LIPSedge M3 Point Cloud

LIPSense 3D Motion Gesture

Key Product Features

1. Compact Dimensioning for embedded integration.

     - Two Versions (illumination): LED (indoor), Laser (Indoor / Semi-outdoor)

2. Ready for Multi-ToF Sensing Application  

     - (Optional) Up to 4  sensors parallel operation.

     - (Customized) Maximum 10 M3 sensors parallel sensing capability

3. USB plug & play to a Host PC

4. Cross-platform OS support on Windows & Linux. Cross-platform HW support on NVIDIA, Intel & Raspberry Pi

5. Solution Ready Package from LIPS

     - LIPSense 3D Motion Gesture

6. Versatile Applications

     - People Counting

     - Hand Gesture Recognition

     - Storage Level Monitoring

     - Object Recognition

     - Space Occupancy Monitoring


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