Automation Taipei 2021にぜひお越しください

Glad to be back at the actual exhibition! LIPS distribution partners Anstek & ApoStar are featuring the latest product and solutions from LIPScorp in Automation Taipei 2021 . Come and see the demo yourself! The show will be on until 12/18!


LIPS Showcase with Anstek @ Booth #N1014 in 4th Floor of Nangan Exhibition Hall 1

Lips 4th floor nangan exhibition


LIPS Showcase with APO Star @ Booth #I908 in 1st Floor of Nangan Exhibition Hall 1

Lips 1st floor of nangan exhibition


Here are the list of product showcase from LIPS~

1. LIPSedge AE450 is our next generation Ruggedized 3D Camera that offers powerful performance in terms of range, FOV, and accuracy and is best suited for Robotics, AMR, and FactoryAutomation


2. LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner automates the dimension measurement process and provides width, length, and height of any underlying object with great speed and accuracy


3. LIPSense 3D BodyPose SDK delivers the most stable 3D skeletal & ID tracking performance on the market today


4. LIPScan 3D Desktop and LIPScan 3D Scan SDK offers advanced 3dscanning solution for industrial digitizaiton and design.


5. LIPSense 3D Motion Gesture is the latest touchlesstechnology that can prevent pandemic from spreading via touch display!


To learn more, visit the Taipei Automation 2021 or write to [email protected] to book an appointment in advance!

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